Lennar Homes pulled out and the land owners are deciding what they will do.

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Sign the Petition to Stop MORE Traffic Madness!

Stop! 1,000 Apartments Developed in Rural Areas

Stop! 700,000 sq. ft. Commercial Real Estate Built on Rural Land

Stop! Over 10′s of Thousands More Cars on Unsustainable Roads

Stop! This Happening Across All Rural Lands of Orange County!!!

Who we are:

Proponents of RESPONSIBLE building and zoning.

What we do:

  1. Provide truths and relevant details regarding land use zoning changes to better educate the affected voting public.
  2. Publish commissioners voting results so the educated public can better formulate whom they chose to keep in office.
  3. Deliver impact results zoning decisions have, or had, to an area to help the voting public formulate their own opinion on success, or failure.
  4. What can you do to help?  Go to this link to find out

Why should you care?:

Big builder interests have submitted a request to Orange County to change current zoning rules to allow a very large development that will negatively impact the people of east Orlando.

  1.  10,000+/-  cars to join YOUR commute EVERY DAY
  2. Two new access roads to POUR this traffic load onto YOUR roadways
  3. 43% bigger in acres and living units than Avalon Park
  4.  4,900 “living units” proposed (including multi-family homes)
    1. But the way the proposal is worded, it is “flexible” and could increase to even more units with even more cars…
  5. 740,000 square feet of commercial/retail space
    1. This adds a new “destination” on YOUR roadways and will draw in even MORE cars and traffic from other areas
    2. But this 740,000 square feet is worded so it also has “flexibility” to increase
  6.  Property currently zoned for 1 single family home per 10 acres.
    1. This ‘minimal impact’ was design d by the County for YOU and to protect YOUR roadways.
  7.  There is no documented need for the proposed housing, or commercial space.

Interested in more?

Image Source: Hurricana Maria on FaceBook

This petition opposes the text amendment to allow apartment complexes, townhouses and commercial property in the east Orlando Rural Agricultural land.

The new proposed text amendment “The RT designation provides for a land use transition for properties located in the Rural Service Area and which either adjoin or are in close proximity to the Urban Service Area.” can wipe out all Rural Agricultural zoning.

On February 20th, 2014, the Local Planning Agency (LPA) will vote to approve, or deny a text amendment to the comprehensive plan that will change the zoning in East Orlando that will allow the developers to build at a level of their heart’s desire.

This may seem trivial but it is far from that.  This will change the entire landscape of East Orlando.  Prior commissioners strategically planned and preserved farm land, ranches and open space on the land in question that could be replaced with another large scale development filled with apartment complexes, townhouses, commercial buildings and feeder roads to main road arteries if the people (that would be you) do not speak up.

The current comprehensive plan states that this is rural which means one house per 10 acres but this text amendment does away with all of that.  As far as East Orlando is concerned, you might as well throw the comprehensive plan in the trash.   Click here to read the comprehensive plan.  This is the focus of the plan: “What will Orange County look like in the year 2030? The Comprehensive Plan embodies a community vision for guiding growth in Orange County. It helps the County manage growth to ensure the quality of life desired by Orange County  residents.”  This text amendment goes against the plan and in fact falls under the states “Development of Regional Impact” which states, “Pursuant to Section 380.06(1), Florida Statutes, a development of regional impact is “any development which, because of its character, magnitude, or location, would have a substantial effect upon the health, safety or welfare of citizens of more than one county.” This development will affect both Orange and Seminole Counties and is no doubt of a magnitude that will affect the health, safety and welfare of citizens.

With this will come more cars and congestion.  Our roads on this side of town have not kept up with the population growth.  The roads have become very congested and with that they have become very dangerous.  Along with this are rural areas that were supposed to stay rural have succumbed to housing developments.  Now the last rural area is under attack.

Not only will traffic be affected but this also dramatically affects drainage and water.  This is a major concern.    These and many other factors need to be considered before this development can move forward.

On  you will also find reference material and documents that are important to this project.  Please also visit and follow the Facebook page at to get involved in stopping this development.