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Sunflower/Seaward Plantation Rural Settlement Under Development Attack - Update!

The applicant/developer must have heard the community getting ready to stomp down to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC). The applicant was going before the BCC with a staff recommendation to deny the proposed commercial development in the rural settlement and a community that was largely opposed to the development.

Well, he must have weighed his odds of getting an approval vote because he withdrew his application! The applicant knew that if he were to get a BCC denial vote he would have to wait 2 yrs before reapplying. So, instead he pulled his application and will likely work to try  legally and politically to sway the BCC for a more favorable outcome in the future.

This is temporarily good news for the rural settlement community, environment, wildlife, traffic, pedestrian safety, etc.  Please stay tuned for more updates. It is likely the applicant will reapply in the near future. SOC will be ready. Thanks for everyone who signed and shared the petition - it made a rumble downtown!  We will continue to fight to preserve the rural communities Orange County has left. Stay tuned....


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