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Proposal for Developers to Pay 100% of The Transportation Impact Fees

WE NEED PETITION SIGNATURES for tomorrow! Tomorrow the Board of County Commissioners is discussing and voting on an item that impacts every single tax payer in Orange County! It is the Transportation Impact Fee.  There is a proposal on the table to make developers pay 100% of their impact fees to our roadways in 2020 currency.  Currently, the developers ONLY pay 56% of their transportation impact fees in 2012 currency/inflation rate.

Guess who picks up the other 44% of the transportation impact fees that the Developers don't pay for their developments they build? US (TAXPAYERS)!  So, they get rich and we pay the rest of their tab? We don't think so!

The developers are sending their attorney teams to tomorrow's BCC meeting at 2 PM to demand that they keep their 46% discount in 2012 currency because they claim they are in an economic recession due to the pandemic.  If they are in a recession aren't we all? Why should their fees be passed on to taxpayers? Developers have pulled the same amount of housing permits as previous years. The industry is not demonstrating signs of slowed growth due to a recession.

If taxpayers must pay ALL of their taxes in 2020 currency then developers must pay all of their impact fees in 2020 currency!  What's fair is fair.  A vote from the Mayor or any Commissioner against  increasing developers' transportation impact fees is a vote AGAINST the people! 

Here is what you can do:

  1. Sign and Share this petition (click link).By signing the petition you email all of the commissioners and mayor to ask them to support the increase in the transportation fee.


  1. Submit a public comment by using the below link. Your comment will be read into the record during the BCC meeting.  You must complete the form by 5 PM today.  Click link:

You may use this writing for your public comment. Edit as you see fit.

Dear Mayor and Commissioners,

I am writing to you in regards to Amending Orange County Code, Chapter 23 transportation impact fee that will be discussed at the 10/27 BCC meeting.  I am requesting that you require developers to pay 100% of their impact fees in 2020 currency.  Currently, developers pay approximately 56% of their impact fees in 2012 currency/inflation rate.  This is not acceptable.  Taxpayers should not pick up the burden of the developers' impact fees. The housing construction industry is pulling the same amount of permits as previous years.  The industry does not show slowed growth.  It is the responsibility of the developers to pay 100% of their transportation impact fees!  A vote against this adoption is vote against the people!

Thank you,


  1. Attend Virtually by completing the request to do so by today at 5 PM. You can state your support for this amendment by completing a form and submitting by 5 PM today.

We really need your help.

Proposed Dollar General Store in Christmas Rural Settlement - WE WON

Thanks to your support and all the emails that bombarded the Mayor and Commissioners, the applicant has withdrawn his proposal!

Two Important
Orange County Charter Amendments

Two important Charter Amendments will appear on your November 2020 Orange County Voter's Ballot. The Charter Amendments (if passed) will change our County Charter to require the County to be legally responsible in the protection of our waterways (e.g. Econ River) & to protect Split Oak Forest.
These Amendments will be called Charter 1 & Charter 2 on your ballot. Charter 1 already has developers running to Tallahassee to see if they can prevent the charter from being voted on. And, Charter 2 already has Osceola County filing a lawsuit to stop VOTER's from being able to VOTE on it. Split Oak Forest is slated for being destroyed with a toll road that service Osceola County.

We need to spread the word to VOTE YES before developers smear these two Important Amendments to our County Constitution (charter) that WE get to VOTE ON this November:



Both of these Charter Amendments (1 & 2) will force Orange County to adopt SMART Growth Strategies. Both (if passed) will kick the feet out from under developers/builders. Both will protect the environment and wildlife. Both give Voter's the right to decide what happens in our local area. Both are going to be attacked by the other side. Both need you to VOTE YES in November.

Read more about these charter questions here:


Please help us with our fight to save rural living in Orange County, Florida.

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