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Join Save Orange County in Petitioning the Orange County BCC to Reject Extending the Boundaries of the Lake Pickett Study Area

By signing this petition (click link), you are telling the Orange County Mayor & Commissioners that you DO NOT support extending the Lake Pickett Study Area. You are asking them to VOTE NO to staff’s recommendation to add 48 more acres (Byrdley Property) to the Lake Pickett South Community: The Grow. The Grow is approved for 2,000+ homes & commercial space. Staff is recommending adding an additional 48 acres to build 233 more townhomes and 75,000 square feet of commercial feet along Colonial Dr. If approved it will add substantial more homes and commercial to The Grow: Lake Pickett South Community.  If the Mayor & Commissioners allow for the proposed rezoning to go from rural to the most intense and dense form of development it will further exacerbate a failing road network, flooding issues within the area, loss of wildlife habitat and natural lands in the Econ River basin, as well as diminish the rural communities that are left.

Any elected official who votes in support of extending the Lake Pickett Study Area is setting a dangerous precedent for the continued expansion of the Lake Pickett Study Area which is surrounded by large land parcels.  The Lake Pickett Text Amendment clearly states that it is to include 2 communities not 3 communities. If approved, this is a slap in the face to Orange County residents who disapproved The Grow from the start.


Please help us with our fight to save rural living in Orange County, Florida.

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