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That’s right folks! Save Orange County, Inc. is right back in the mix, hitting on all cylinders this political season. Some politicians have been praying to their Gods that SOC will dry up and blow away. They hate the fact that we hold elected officials and those seeking legislative positions accountable for their actions and inactions. Ask former Commissioner Ted Edwards if he was held accountable? Moreover, they hate that we have such a large constituency of citizens that we report to. They need to get use to us being an advocate for the people, not only in east Orange County but for the whole county – because we are not going away any time soon.

That being said, the SOC Board of Directors have voted to endorse the following:

House of Representatives

Rene “Coach P” Plasencia (incumbent) District 50

Carlos Guillermo-Smith (incumbent) District 49

We continue to support the following Senators whose terms run until 2020:

Linda Stewart District 13

Victor Torres District 15

These folks have stood strong, in the face of political adversity and developers’ objections, to truly stand shoulder to shoulder with SOC and the convictions we stand for. We now need to fully support them as they campaign to stay in office. Their success will be our success.

In addition, we will be sending out invitations to the three candidates for Mayor of Orange County to appear the week of August 13th before our political screening panel. We will screen candidates for County Commission races after the primaries are over.

We intend to share the results of our screening with you. Until then, do your American duty and

VOTE! It Matters.

Feasibility Study Update

We are nearing completion of the Feasibility Study on possibility of a new municipality in east Orange County. Just a few additional pieces of data needed. We have legislative support to move it through the state level process.

Update on the Lake Picket Lawsuit

As you all know, the citizens sued Orange County for the Lake Pickett Text Amendment that allowed urban density in the rural service area. The area is environmentally sensitive and is home to protected species and fauna. The PEOPLE WON the CASE with the Administrative Law Judge.

The County and the developers filed an appeal with Governor Rick Scott and his cabinet. They also sent high powered lobbyists that met with each cabinet member to convince them to overturn the judge. We went to Tallahassee to beg that the Governor and Cabinet uphold the judge's decision. They did NOT! Rick Scott, Adam Putnam, Jimmy Patronis, and Pam Bondi voted unanimously to overturn the judge's decision. Scott, Putnam, and Patronis are all running for an office.

The PEOPLE did NOT quit! They filed an appeal in Florida's Appellant Court system.

The County, developers, and the investors tried everything to keep the appeal lawsuit from moving forward. The investors tried to strike deal$ to convince the PEOPLE to drop the case. The developers' attorneys sent legal letters threatening to sue individual petitioners for legal fees. The developers and County claim that the PEOPLE have NO legitimate legal reason to justify a lawsuit. The developer and an investor even hosted a meeting for Corner Lakes Estates' residents to raffle off cruise tickets and gift cards in an effort to convince the HOA to pull out of the case.

The Appellant Court DENIED the developers efforts to dismiss the PEOPLE's Case. The developers asked for another opportunity to prove that the PEOPLE had no legal grounds. That motion was also DENIED! The PEOPLE are now awaiting a court date.

The County continues to hide behind the developers. The County enters into a joint motion with every legal strategy the developers do. It is hard to watch our tax dollars that we pay the COUNTY being used to legally fight the PEOPLE who are fighting to stop Urban Sprawl, to prevent traffic gridlock, preserve rural and natural land, protect the environment and wildlife. Please continue to support this case by donating $5 at

We are fighting high powered attorneys, lobbyists, and politicians and we need help.

408 Extension Status

In case you missed it:

The Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) has placed their proposed extension of SR 408 "on hold." This comes after having received much negative feedback from the residents of the Deerwood community and environmentalists. Additionally, they removed $17 M dollars from the CFX 2019-2023 $1.9 B work plan that had been allocated to design work on the proposed extension.


FDOT has placed "on hold" two projects to expand SR 50 from 4 to 6 lanes from Avalon Park Boulevard to Chuluota (SR 419) and the second from Chuluota Road to SR 520. No mention is made on their website of the once-proposed inclusion of "toll" lanes from the terminus of SR 408 at Challenger Parkway to SR 520. We have sent them an inquiry as to the status of that proposal.

We will keep you informed as we learn more.

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