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Community Meeting

Potential New Town

Mark your calendar! A community meeting will be held May 20, 2018 at River Run Church, 141 River Run Point, Chuluota, FL 32766, on CR 419, from 6:00-7:30 PM. Doors will open to the public at 5:30. Topics to be presented include:

  • Cost/Taxes
  • Form of Government
  • Emergency Response
  • Planning and Zoning
  • and Your Questions

Please join us to be informed of the potential for realizing a new municipality in east Orange County.

If you haven't done so already, please go to our "Petitions" page (link above) and sign the petition so that we can keep you informed on progress toward incorporation

Potential New Town

Those of you who have followed Save Orange County know we are always looking at ways to stop uncontrolled growth and preserve a rural lifestyle in east Orange County. One way we are considering accomplishing that is establishing a new Town (municipality). Benefits from creating our own Town include:

  • Tax dollars stay in East Orange County and work for you
  • Promote responsible growth and a stronger economy, not sprawl
  • Maintain a better quality of life
  • Preserve rural lifestyle east of the Econ
  • Solve traffic problems locally
  • Local decisions made by citizens who live in the area

If this is an idea that you think be interested in, we encourage you to go to our "PETITIONS" page and sign the petition there. This is NEW petition; your signature on the other petitions we have posted will not carry over. Also, you can be confident that we never SHARE personal information collected with anyone.

By signing this petition, you are only expressing interest in creating our own Town. Your signature does not bind you in any way regarding a future incorporation vote; it does help us gauge the interest levels of citizens and business owners within the boundary map located at the bottom of this page. We encourage all HOA's and local businesses to contact Save Orange County at or go to our "CONTACT" page to set up a meeting.

2017-09 - New Town Map V2 - Final

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