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Did You Know?

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Did you know?

Once the buildout for these proposed Lake Pickett Developments is complete, Orange County sources say there will be a minimum of 40,000 MORE vehicle trips a day. We know that SR 50/Colonial Dr is currently under construction, but once it is finished, Orange County traffic studies claim that it will not fix the area traffic problems completely. So even before there are 40,000 more trips a day added in, State Rd 50 is in trouble.

The local roads that are improved by developers' money will be broken at buildout according to Orange County traffic studies. Our roads will be worse off than they are now.

According to Orange County traffic studies these roads will NEED to be expanded after buildout. But with whose money - the developers will be long gone. Who will pay for the improvements? Tax Payers? No One? Will we be stuck with broken roads again?

Also according to Orange County traffic studies, these current roads will need to be widened: Lake Pickett Road to 6 lanes; CR 419/Old Chuluota Rd to 6 lanes; N Tanner road to 4 lanes; Avalon Park Blvd to 6 lanes; SR 434/Alafaya Trail to 8 lanes; Challenger Parkway to 8 lanes; SR 50/Colonial from CR419/Chuluota Rd to Avalon Park Blvd to 8 lanes; SR 50/Colonial Dr from Avalon Park Blvd to Woodberry Rd to 10 lanes, SR 50/Colonial Dr from Woodberry RD to Goldenrod Rd to 8 lanes. Here is the catch - it is illegal to widen SR 50 wider than 6 lanes! So how is this problem fixed? And why are we adding in more traffic when there is not a solution to the current problem?

corruption is threatening the east

Developers are coming to take your rural lifestyle

Why would Orange County elected officials approve developments that will break our roads AGAIN?

Did you know?
The Big Econlockhatchee creek is designated a protected Florida waterway?

Did you know?
This area is home to species of special concern and other listed species? Bear, coyote, bobcat, indigo and pine snakes, Gopher tortoises, bald eagles, Florida mice, Sherman fox squirrel, sand hill crane, gopher frogs, deer and wild hogs to name a few.

Did you know?
This land is a major area for aquifer recharge? Around 75% of Florida's drinking water comes from the aquifer. In order for the aquifer to get recharged, water must filter thru the deep sandy soils of the uplands (exactly where this development is proposed). Why would Orange County elected officials want to place urban sprawl in these environmentally sensitive areas?