Thank You Save Orange County!

I want to thank the all volunteer board of Save Orange County for their efforts in protecting the rural lifestyle in East Orange County.   V/R, The Citizens
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What IS a City?

The Florida Constitution recognizes municipalities as incorporated cities, towns and villages. These optional municipal governments, once created, are citizen-governed and the services are determined by, and delivered through, the municipal government. A city can be small, medium-sized or large, and can offer a vast number of services or very few services—depending upon the wishes of…
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NOTICE TO ALL OF Save Orange County, Inc. Patrons

The above logo of our orange tree is the only official logo, other than the TNT locomotive express train above, of Save Orange County. In the last several months, people no longer associated with Save Orange County have sent information to our supporters that suggests Save Orange County has morphed into a different organization with…
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