Transportation Impact Fee

Directions: By signing the petition you are requesting that the Mayor and District Commissioners vote YES to increasing developers' transportation impact fees from 56% in 2012 currency to 100% in 2020 currency. Currently, developers have a 46% discount on the fees that they must pay for the impact that their developments make on our roadways.  The money they pay for their transportation impact fees is in 2012 currency. Taxpayers pick up the rest of the bill (deficit) that the developers don't pay.  This is unacceptable.

Transportation Impact Fees

Dear Major Demings and Commissioners

Language for the Petition
Dear Mayor Demings and Commissioners,

I am writing to you regarding tomorrow's 2PM agenda item: Amending Orange County Code, Chapter 23, Impact Fees, Article iV, pertaining to Transportation Impact Fees. I am asking for you to vote in support of this amendment.

Currently, developers pay 56% of their transportation impact fees in 2012 currency. This is UNACCEPTABLE to taxpayers! I understand that the developers claim that it would not be appropriate to raise their transportation impact fees to 100% because we are in a pandemic that has created a recession. We (people) are all a part of the same economy. Taxpayers should not be burdened with assuming the deficit of the developers' transportation impact fees. If we pay 100% of our taxes in 2020 currency so should the developers pay 100% of their impact fees in 2020 currency. A vote against this amendment is a vote AGAINST the people! What's fair is fair.

I look forward to watching you vote in favor of this amendment to the transportation impact fees.

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