By signing this petition, you are telling the Orange County Mayor, Commissioners, and their BZA representatives that you oppose staff's recommendation to approve a commercial dog kennel and are therefore asking them to vote "NO" on the commercial dog kennel application.

Info: This case has environmental issues, noise pollution, strong community opposition, financial implications for residents, financial implications for the county, environmental issues/water pollution, as well as animal welfare issues. Case #: SE-23-02-152 (Commercial Dog Breeding Kennel). Located at 15077 Lake Pickett Rd.

Vote NO on Dog Breeding Facility

Dear Mayor, Commissioners, & BZA Representatives,

I am writing to request that you deny staff's recommendation for a Special Exception for a "Commercial Dog Breeding Kennel" (Case #SE-23-02-152) as well as its associated Variance Request in the A-2 zoning district located at 15077 Lake Pickett Rd. The case is scheduled to be heard by the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) on May 4, 2023. The applicant (Mr. Juan David Valencia Santa), is requesting a Special Exception to build a commercial dog breeding kennel that would have approximately 100 dogs with the objective of the commercial sale of puppies bred at that location.

This case has environmental (septic tank in Econ River Basin) and noise pollution, community opposition, financial implications for residents and the county, and animal welfare issues. Additionally, this Special Exception should be denied as it would set a precedent for commercial breeding operations to operate adjacent to rural residences in all of Orange County.

I respectfully request that you deny approval for the Special Exception (Case #SE-23-02-152) for any or all of the reasons stated above.

Thank you for your service to our County.

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